7 Golden Rules–Must be followed for Competitive Exam Preparation

You can crack any competitive exam if you follow some Golden Rules religiously:

1. Develop a Strategy:

Before you start anything you need to first make a proper plan of what you should study and at what time. Nothing can be done without proper planning. First, familiarize yourself with the entire syllabus. Focus on difficult lessons and spend more time on those topics. Perform daily routines and adjust your target.

2. Focus on Concepts:

Exams like SSC-JE, State-JE, RSEB-AE/JE and RPSC-AE are extremely complex that test your Analytical skills. It is not possible to crack these exams by memorizing concepts. You have to analyze them. Connect everything with your real life and have a proper understanding of all the topics and concepts.    

So start with basics and concentrate more on basic concepts.

3. Make Notes:

Make sure you are making short notes for every subject and every topic. So that whenever you need to revise them you can have a quick glance of it. Try to make your own hand written notes it will increase your understanding.


4. Practice Mock Tests:

The more you practice, the more you learn. Practice as more questions as you can. It not only helps in retaining information for a longer duration but also helps you to revise the syllabus easily. Once you have learnt all the concepts, start practicing them to clear them out. Practice previous year question papers to enhance your preparation. One more important thing is whatever bit or question you solve you should have proper clarity.

5. Time Management:

Now you have made your plan, it is important to stick to that plan. You must execute your plan effectively to achieve your goals. Time management is vital at this stage. Your study plan must suit you, so that you can follow it efficiently.

Manage your time by allotting proper time span to each subject. Also make time for relaxing yourself, exercising. Take proper breaks between your study times.

Manage your time accordingly!

6. Evaluate your Performance:

After solving mock test papers, analyse your performance during the test. Find out your mistakes and try to improve them to the perfection. You can only learn from your mistakes.

If you do not consider your weak points you can never improve them and you will end up repeating the same mistakes every time.

7. Revise regularly:

After practicing various question papers, regularly revise your concepts. You must be well prepared for final round. Without revision there is no sense to learn anything. Make a habit of revising frequently otherwise you will become zero.

By following above points, you will surely be able to make winning plan for yourself.

All The Very Best!


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