UPSSSC PET Syllabus : Important Topics

The syllabus for the UPSSSC PET (Uttar Pradesh Subordinate Services Selection Commission Preliminary Eligibility Test) is quite comprehensive, covering various subjects to assess the candidates' knowledge and aptitude. Here's an overview of the syllabus:

General Knowledge: This section includes topics such as current affairs, Indian history, geography, Indian polity, Indian economy, world geography, Indian culture, and national and international events.

General Science: Candidates should have a basic understanding of physics, chemistry, and biology. Topics may include laws of motion, periodic table, human anatomy, environmental science, etc.

Elementary Mathematics: This section assesses candidates' knowledge of fundamental mathematical concepts such as arithmetic, algebra, geometry, mensuration, statistics, and probability.

Reasoning: Candidates are tested on their logical and analytical reasoning abilities. Topics may include analogies, coding-decoding, blood relations, puzzles, syllogism, and data interpretation.

General Hindi: This section evaluates candidates' proficiency in the Hindi language, including grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, and writing skills.



Important Topics


Indian History

Vedic Civilization



Indus Valley Civilization

Mauryan Empire

Gupta Empire


Rajput Era

Sultanate Era

Mughal Empire


Rise of the British Empire and the 1857 Revolution

Socio-Economic Impact of British Rule

5 Marks

Indian National Movement

Initial Stage of the Freedom Movement

Swadeshi and Civil Disobedience Movement - Mahatma Gandhi and Other Leaders’ Role

Revolutionary Movement and Rise of Militant Nationalism

Farewell Amendment and British India Act 1935

Azad Hind Fauz, Quit India Movement, and Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose

5 Marks


India and World Geography


Water Resources

Mountains, Forest and Glaciers

Desert and Dry Areas

Mineral Resources(especially of India)

Political Geography of India and the World

Time Zone


Demographics and Migrations

5 Marks

Indian Economy

Indian Economy (1947 to 1991)

Planning Commission and Five Year Plan

Green Revolution

Development of Mixed Economy: Private and Public

White Revolution and Operation Flood

Nationalisation of Banks and Improvements

Reforms of 1991 and Economy after that

Economic Reforms post-2014

Farm Reforms

Structural Reforms

Economic Reforms

Labour Reforms


5 Marks

Indian Constitution and Public Administration

Indian Constitution

Salient Features of Indian Constitution


Fundamental Rights and Duties

Parliamentary System

Directive Principles

Judicial Framework

Federal System, Union and Union Territories, Centre-State Relations

Judicial System, Supreme Court, High Court

District Administration

Local Bodies and Panchayat Raj

5 Marks

General Science

Basic Physics

Basic Chemistry

Basic Biology

5 Marks

Elementary Arithmetic

Whole Numbers, Fractions, Decimals


Simple Arithmetic Equations

Square and Square Roots

Exponent and Powers


5 Marks

General Hindi


विलोम शब्द

पर्यायवाची शब्द

वाक्यांशों के लिए एक शब्द


समश्रुत भिन्नार्थक शब्द

मुहावरे -लोकोक्तियाँ

सामान्य अशुद्धियाँ

लेखक और रचनाऍ (गद्य एवं पद्य)

5 Marks

General English

English Grammar

Questions Based on Unseen Passage

5 Marks

Logic and Reasoning

Largest and Smallest

Blood Relations

Order and Ranking

Clock and Calendar

Coding and Decoding

Cause and Effect

Conclusive Reasoning

5 Marks

Current Affairs

National Current Affairs

International Current Affairs

10 Marks

General Awareness

India’s Neighbours

Countries, Capitals and Currencies

Indian States and UTs

Indian Parliament, Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha

National and International Days

World Organizations and Headquarters

Indian Tourism Destination

Indian Art and Culture

Indian and International Sports

Indian Research Institutes

Books and Authors

Awards and Honours

Climate Change and Environment

10 Marks

Analysis of Hindi Unread Passages

2 Passages

10 Marks

Graph Interpretation 

2 Graphs

10 Marks

Table Interpretation and Analysis

2 Tables

10 marks