For SSC JE Mains Preparation Best Institute Zone Tech Classes

For SSC JE  Mains Preparation Best Institute Zone Tech Classes

                                                                                   :Study material:

·         This is very obvious that SSC JE mains exam questions are repetitive in nature. Hence preparation has to be focused mainly on the previous year questions. Solve them and revise them again and again. Mark the important questions which are being asked repetitively. Do not consult too many books as you will feel less confident after covering little from each book.


·         For design subjects: like RCC, Steel and some parts of environmental engineering, it’s very essential to prepare a separate notebook. For each topic like design of beams or design of slab or column, pick out the standard question from previous year question which contains all the steps and assumptions. Try to accommodate all the variations in one single question that may be possible for that topic. For each topic take one or two questions to cover entire design portion for that topic. Revise this daily so that the design steps get instilled in your brain.


·         For theoretical questions: Never skip them during practice of previous year questions. Try to write whatever you know, then check solved answers and try to write in your words again. Don’t go for making separate notes for them, the mistake I did during initial phases of my preparation as that will only consume time. Moreover, theoretical questions portion is less in the mains exam.

                                                                             2. Speed:

·         Since mains exam consists of 300 marks and that too in 2 hrs., speed plays an important role. During the last 2 months of the exam, I used to allot time whenever I solved previous year questions by putting a constraint that I have to solve these many questions within the next 1 hour. This time I allotted based on the marks of the particular question. This immensely helped in increasing my speed during the test series I gave and finally the actual exam.


                                                                                      3. Accuracy:

·         This bothered me a lot mainly for the subjects like strength of materials and structural analysis. I followed a simple principle that whichever question I solved, I used to circle out the mistakes I did in that question with a red colored pen. Even the formulas which I used to forget I marked them then and there in the rough copy itself. This served the purpose of short notes very well as revising them leads to revision of whole question. Moreover, it saves time for making short notes. Keep in mind to keep this rough copy with you till the exam.


                                                                                    4. During the exam:

·         First 5 minutes, it is very essential to analyses which 5 questions one is going to attempt out of the 6 questions. For each of the six questions write how much you are sure of getting e.g., 40/60 and then select which 5 questions to attempt based on the marks.

·         Start with questions you are very much comfortable with as aim is to grab as much marks as possible which you are confident of. This will save time in thinking and increase the confidence also after solving them completely.

·         Never leave design questions or theoretical questions blank. Even if you write few steps or the formula you will get partial marking.


Always have confidence in you. And prerequisite for confidence is hard work and solid preparation. Learn from mistakes. Give your best to every bit of preparation.



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