Scholarship FAQs

Scholarship FAQs

Scholarship FAQs

What is the Registration Fee for ZTSAT-AE/JE Exam ?

ZSAT-AE/JE is free and open to all the Engineering aspirants.

What if I am not able to login on time?

The link to start the test will be available on fixed scheduled. Please login within this window to avail the full test duration for attempting the test.
In case of disconnection due to internet problems and power failure, the test will resume from where you left.


What if I want to appear for ZSAT | AE/JE at a physical centre?

ZSAT | AE/JE is online. You can choose any place as per your convenience to login on your phone, tablet or laptop to appear for the test.


What are the system requirements for taking the online ZSAT | AE/JE Test?

Any Android, iOS, Windows or Mac device supporting a modern browser can be used to appear in the exam.

However, desktops and laptops are preferred as they offer stable internet connectivity and an easier user interface to take an online test.


What if the scholarship exam ends abruptly?

If your test ends abruptly (without clicking on ‘Submit Test’ Button), you can resume from where you left by re-logging into ZSAT’s website with your credentials.

What if I forget my Login User Name and Password?

Only way to login is using a registered Mobile number and a system generated password. You can click on forgot password to resend the password to you.
Send an email to 
[email protected] if you're unable to access the test with your registered mobile number.


Will I get a scholarship on top of my existing discount?

No. A student can avail only one scholarship or discount at a time. Lowest calculated fee after availing a scholarship/discount will be applicable.


I am an existing student at ZONE TECH, Can I appear for ZSAT | AE/JE?

Yes. All eligible students, even ZONE TECH students, can appear for ZSAT | AE/JE. But the scholarship availed can only be used for enrolling in fresh courses.


Can I reschedule my Test?

No, you cannot reschedule test.


Can I take ZSAT | AE/JE from multiple devices?

To ensure a transparent and fair experience to all participants, any attempt to change the device or browser will result in the termination of your attempt at the scholarship test.

One student can appear for the exam on only one device and one browser. Therefore, before the exam make sure your device, internet connectivity, browser, etc. are functioning properly.


When will the results be announced?

Results of ZSAT | AE/JE will be announced on Scheduled date and Time 


Dos and Don'ts on Laptop/Desktop

1.    Do not exit Full Screen (the test will end).

2.    Do not press Esc (the test will end).

3.    Alt+TAB will also end the test.

4.    Test your internet connection and browser on your device before starting the test.

5.    Do not change the browser on the device (the test will end).

6.    Do not refresh the page.

Dos and Don'ts on Mobile/Tablet

1.    Do not press Home/Back (the test will end).

2.    Do not switch OFF the device (the test will end).

3.    Please ensure that your device has enough memory and storage, battery is sufficiently charged and the internet is functioning well, before the test starts.

4.    Do not change the browser on the device (the test will end).

5.    Do not refresh the page.

What if I have any further query?

Please send your queries to [email protected] or call on 9828747676.



1. Scholarship would be awarded only on the actual price of the AE/JE Course, not on the offer/discounted price or on any other course.

2. For Existing Zone Tech Students, NO Scholarship will be applicable on your current courses.

3. You can email at [email protected] to claim your scholarships.

4. Scholarship offered to you can be availed only on Single Year Packages.